This is an instructional video series. Students will be drawing an animal with a grid drawn on it. See attached photographs. Students need colored pencils, a ruler, a sketching pencil and a sketchbook or paper. I recommend a tan or gray toned Strathmore sketchbook, size 9x12. It can be found on Amazon. We also use Prismacolor colored pencils in a set of 24 or higher.  Students will also need a hand held pencil sharpener. 


You will receive 5 YouTube links and reference photos. I recommend saving the reference photo to a device or print it out and watch the videos from a computer or vise versa. 


Students may take their time through the week to complete their project. Instruct students to pause the video while they work, as some of the videos are at double speed to cut the time shorter. This may take your student a couple of weeks to complete. 


If you don't have the suggested materials, try using markers, crayons, school colored pencils, gel pens etc. Young chidren are capable of doing this project. They may need help from a parent to set up the grid. They will be faster at completing it, with less accuracy, but they can do it!


Links can be downloaded on the cofirmation page and will also be emailed to you. Links will expire after 30 days, but if you need more time, please contact me and I'll resend them! Purchase intended for one family or group. Please do not reproduce.


Please consider adding another class for your family to learn drawing, watercolor or acrylic painting. Thank you for supporting Heart & Soul Art Studio!

Online Grid Drawing Course

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