Join me for a unique drawing workshop using illustrator alcohol based markers and colored pencil. Students will learn how to mix, layer and blend colors, starting, building and finsihing techniques and tips and tricks along the way.


This option is for first time drawing students or students who have lost or used up their materials and need a replacement kit. A drawing kit will be provided with all necessary materials including a sketchbook, colored pencils, alcohol based markers & small tools. All supplies are theirs to keep so they can continue to practice at home. If your child already has a drawing kit from a former drawing class with me, please register under the workshop WITHOUT KIT and have your student bring their materials. Parents who would also like to learn to draw may attend this workshop. Each person needs their own materials, so please register per person. 


Lunch will be served (pizza, chips, pop and a snack). If your child has food allergies, please send a safe lunch with them. 


Masks are optional at this time. No parents or siblings can enter the studio at this time. Please drop students off and pick up in the driveway. 48 hour cancellation policy. No exceptions or credits. Parking on my side of the street only please.


The bird photo is one example of a marker project. Students get to choose their subject matter. Photos from home may be brought in. Other images are provided and students will choose. If your child has a device that they can use with WiFi, they are welcome to bring it to class. Some students use a device to draw images of their choice. 



Marker Drawing Workshop WITH DRAWING KIT, January 15th, 8:00am-1:00pm

  • 48 hour notice for cancellations. No exceptions or credits given within the 48 hour window. Thank you for your understanding.