Students will be able to complete this cute painting step by step. You will receive a list of recommended materials that can be purchased at Amazon. We will be using acrylic on canvas. Similar items can be found at Michaels etc and they have curbside pickup if you order online. If you prefer, please feel free to use materials you have at home and modify the project to best fit your needs. Other mediums may be used such as watercolor, crayons, colored pencils, markers etc. 


You will receive YouTube links with a reference photo in the confirmation email. I recommend saving the reference photo to a device and watch the videos from a computer or vise versa. 


Watch the tutorials on your own time. Your links will expire in 30 days, but I'm glad to resend them if you need longer to complete them, or just print out the document. Purchase intended for one family or group. Please do not reproduce.


Please consider adding another class for your family to learn drawing, watercolor or acrylic painting. Thank you for supporting Heart & Soul Art Studio!

Lamb Online Painting Video Only

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